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Custom Orthotics

When your feet hurt or if you are suffering foot issues, it can keep you from enjoying your life. Your podiatrist may recommend custom orthotics to treat your feet.

What Are Orthotics and How Do They Work?

Orthotics are medical devices prescribed by a podiatrist to treat a foot condition or issue. You wear them inside your shoes. Orthotics perform many functions including reducing stress and pressure on your feet, improving gait and posture, realigning bones, tendons, and ligaments, and other functions.

How Orthotics Are Made

Orthotics can be made using several methods, but it all begins with a thorough examination and measurement of your feet and an analysis of your gait. A 3D scan or plaster cast can then be made of your foot. These are sent to a laboratory where skilled technicians create your orthotics.

How Orthotics Can Help You

Custom orthotics are an excellent choice to treat foot, toe, and ankle conditions including plantar fasciitis, heel pain, hammertoe, bunions, lateral ankle instability, and more. They can also help relieve foot symptoms caused by diabetes and arthritis.

When You Should See a Podiatrist for Orthotics

You should see a podiatrist for custom orthotics if you have a chronic disease affecting your feet like diabetes or arthritis. You should also visit a podiatrist for orthotics if:

  • You experience chronic foot, ankle, or toe pain
  • You play sports or do activities which involve a significant amount of foot stress
  • You spend a lot of time on your feet and stand or walk on hard surfaces for long periods

Orthotics as a Long-Term Treatment

The average length of time an orthotic can last is about 2 to 3 years. If you wear your orthotics constantly, you may need them replaced after 1 year. If you wear your orthotics only occasionally, they may last 5 years.

Orthotics and Insurance

Custom orthotics are a prescription, just like medication, and they are prescribed by your podiatrist. As a prescription, they are covered by most insurances as a treatment for foot issues and conditions.

Want To Know More?

To find out more about custom orthotics and how they can help you, talk with the experts. Call Dr. Aparna Duggirala and Dr. Alan R. Deroy at Renaissance Foot & Ankle Center in Greenbelt, MD You can reach them in the office by calling (301) 441-2655, so call today.

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